Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Organic yet stylized, bold and louche. LEBO's art forms anew from eemingly random yet academically selected sources. LEBO's (David Lebatard) dive into art took place as a child raised in Broward County, Florida amidst a supportive Cuban-American Family.

Always allowing for improvisation to take place and have the pieces grow on their own LEBO weaves maraca-shaking muses, spontaneous be bop musicians, tranced dancers, blue bulls and gushing waves into his work. The end result is a layered pastiche of abstract and figurative forms juxtaposing movement and suspension.

Increasingly sought after, LeBatard has also worked with Gibson Guitars, Adidas, created CD covers for Phish, The Spam Allstars, and designed artwork for the Latin Grammy Awards. He has begun designing rugs, stained glass, upholstery, and a mosaic line among many other projects.

Learn more at www.lebostudios.com

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